Blogs are Dead. Long live Blogs!

OriginStori is all about sharing stories, histories, beliefs and journeys. Blogs are about that, too, in a way that revolutionized the individual’s ability to express and share.
So it’s a little sad that blogs are dead and social media is better. Right? I mean, except when all your years of effort are shut down when the corporation that owns your content decides it doesn’t matter anymore, like Twitter just did with Vine. Or maybe Disney will do with YOUR twitter account in a few years.
“Ultimately, it comes down to two things: ownership and control.”
This Waxy post is a great read about the role and health of weblogs. Blogs are about expression perhaps, whereas social media is about participation.Whichever you prefer, consider archiving your social media and finding ways to reinvigorate a website or blog you care about.